We come to improve!

“¡Hey Karen!”

Love for living creatures is the noblest attribute of men. This belief is present in our company and encourages us in everything we do, and it’s reflected in the quality of our products.

¡Hey Karen! is a company created from our love and care for pets, such as cats, and it is founded with the purpose of creating a product which provides comfort and happiness not only for our pets, but also for you.

¡Hey Karen! cat litter is unique on the market because of the high quality ingredients used in it, which guarantee better clumping, an effective fight against odors and a fresh aroma in your home. Hey Karen! is 100% natural with better performance compared with other cat litters on the market. All these benefits without leaving aside the quality that sets us apart from our competitors. With ¡Hey Karen!, your pocket and your cat will thank you.

If your cat could speak, you could be sure that it would ask you for ¡Hey Karen!